Friday, 27 April 2012

Nerdy Intentions

In high school I wouldn't be caught dead hanging with the nerds, but as I grow older I have come to realize something. Nerds are pretty damn cute! It's thanks to people like Dan Levy (formerly of MTV and currently one of my FAVE writers for Flare Magazine) that owned the "trendy nerd" look. Everybody loved it because it was genuine and sweet. So I say embrace your inner geek and remind any haters that they will most likely be pumping your gas someday!

Today I was playing around with some old glasses that were a crucial component of my Clark Kent costume a few Halloweens ago (they lasted on my face for about 10 minutes that night). And then it came to me. Why not geek out a little? I have worn this look a few times and I love it. It was about time I finally snapped some pics of it and threw it on here for the world to judge. 

Glasses - Bang On? (Not quite sure)
Everything else - H&M

 If you haven't yet noticed, I LOVE H&M! Let's just say that I adore their clothes and we won't talk about how I can't afford to shop at fancier places. So for all you starving students that still want to look good, this blog will be a great source for budget style tips. Now that I have made myself sound like a cheap and tacky infomercial, lets talk about the clothes.

The knit sweater is so adorable and I love the loose fit and pop of bold colours. The collared shirt I paired it with is great because it can be worn under a sweater and look dapper and without the sweater, its a whole new look. It is actually a cross between a collared shirt and a kind of caftan or dashiki, I'll show you it's versatility in another post. Can't go wrong with a simple pair of tan skinny jeans and do you love the socks as much as I do?!

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