Thursday, 24 May 2012

NO Loitering

Shirt: GUESS, Cardigan: Le Chateau, Jeans: Mavi, Shoes: Steve Madden, Accessories: Aldo

"But the neighbours are going to think we are dating or something," says my roommate. I laugh and respond with a sly, "You would be so lucky." I have just asked him to snap a few pictures of me around the apartment. Not prance around the building, hand-in-hand.

To be honest, I do find it a little awkward posing in front of strangers, or neighbours in this case. Not because of what they think, but because of how ridiculous I must look (which, I guess ties into what they think...). But it comes with the territory and I am getting more comfortable with posing in public. In my opinion, this is the first step towards freedom of judgement and it feels pretty damn good.

Oh right, this is a fashion blog, not a shrink's office. I love this look because it is super versatile and works for almost any season (with a few tweaks of course). Accessories are something that have really been lacking in my wardrobe until recently. Mostly because I hate wearing things around my wrists or neck. But I realize how lame that sounds so I am over it and accessorizing. Accessorizing for YOU!

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