Sunday, 10 June 2012

Biker Chic

I    know    what    you're    thinking...    That    is    one    meannnn    looking    dude!
 Leather Jacket: Kai Aakmann, T-Shirt: Topman, Jeans & Belt: GUESS, Boots: Banana Republic
Some friends of mine were so kind to throw me a belated birthday dinner party last week in Yaletown. When I inquired about the dress code (always the first thing I'm thinking about) they left that up to me. So I went with the first thing that came to mind... Biker Chic! I know, it's more of a theme than a dress code but it felt right at the moment and it gave me another reason to wear my Kai Aakmann jacket. The ladies were good sports and played along with my silly request. Those are the kind of friends that we all need in our lives! Am I right?

And what might a bunch of hardcore greasers like us have for dinner? Oysters rockefeller, some bubbly and a red velvet cake for dessert, of course! Don't worry, we used an empty skull-shaped vodka bottle as the center piece so it totally set the mood. All I need now is a Harley and I'm set.

--->From Rou to You--->

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