Friday, 22 June 2012

Summertime Blues

Shirt/Trousers: H&M, Shoes: Rockadelic, Belt: American Apparel, Necklace: Aldo

I know, I'm just way too cool to look at the camera in these shots but the truth is my eyes were burning without sunglasses on. Believe me when I say that I tried and trust me when I say how terrible those shots turned out. No one wants to see a grown man crying on a fashion blog or any blog for that matter.

Blue has always been my favorite colour and these cobalt blue Rockadelic sneakers that I snagged from Beyond The Rack (for a GREAT price, might I add) are currently my prized possession. Threw in the belt to bring some life into a simple look without over styling it. The roommates dog came along for the walk when my boyfriend, the talented guy behind the lens, noticed that our "outfits" matched right down to his blue collar. Don't we look good together?

--->From Rou to You--->

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